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The Hullwiper System

Hullwiper is the first diver free, brushless in-water cleaning system to come to Australian shores.

The system has a proven track record for safety and environmental standards overseas and as a result is currently the only system of its nature that has been approved in any port in Australia.

The service has been relocated to the Port of Brisbane with its main hub following customers wishes. ROV cleans can be undertaken alongside on Fisherman's Island as well as some other berths along Brisbane River.

Furthermore, the Inner as well as Outer Anchorage are an option pending weather. If necessary, the system, can be mobilized to Bundaberg, Gladstone or even still Port of Townsville.



The Hullwiper system is designed to clean off bio-fouling in the early stages maximizing fuel efficiency and preventing any damage to the hull coating

After the ROV has been steered to the job site by the deck crew the pilot in dive control takes over. Using an intuitive steering system the ROV is than "driven" along the hull to ensure an even clean

The system uses pressure adjustable water blasters fixed on rotating disks. The cleaning medium used is sea water hence there is no introduction of chemicals by the system.



K ROV (Kofler ROV PTY LTD) was founded to bring new and innovative technology to Australia to create safe and sustainable jobs with significant positive environmental impact. We found the perfect partner in HullWiper.

As a whole, the system entails all the core values of K ROV by creating a safe, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution to an issue that had been left unresolved in recent decades within Australia. 

Since K ROV's inception we have been working closely with the Australian Government to help create and ensure we operate in accordance with legislation which includes:

Anti-Fouling and in-water cleaning Guidelines, April 2015 -
Australian Government, Department of Agriculture and Department of Environment.

Biosecurity act 2014, revised 30. March 2017, Queensland Government

Biosecurity Regulation 2016, Queensland Government

Ingmar Kofler


Ingmar is a highly experienced diver that holds an ADAS Part 3, 3.2u
Inspection qualification. 

He has well over 7 years of extensive hands on subsea experience, mostly working on the East Coast of Australia and offshore in Europe. In Europe he got exposed to ROV work and decided to retrain for this skill set.  In 2007 Ingmar completed his degree in Marine Science and decided to top it of with a Masters degree in Environmental Studies in 2010.

Always with the ambition of protecting the worlds oceans. His dedication and commitment to preserving the environment while providing safe and inexpensive solutions is what drives him and the K ROV team.





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