Our Story

K-ROV started in Townsville in 2016 and after initial successes it became clear that our clients wanted us to relocate our services to a bigger port. Not forgetting our roots, we still offer our services there and we have also picked up some more locations along the coast on our way down.

As we strive to satisfy our customers needs, we relocated to the biggest port we could find In Queensland and moved our operations to Brisbane. This ensures that we are in a position to swiftly mobilise and can easily service anywhere along the East Coast and beyond.  

Once in Brisbane it became apparent that our clients wanted us to service all of their in-water needs. Not just the cleaning of their hulls but other aspects of marine maintenance.

We have since expanded to include a Commercial Dive division which allowed us to offer a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for all subsea needs for international vessels. With our team being highly mobile, we can easily dispatch our team all along the East Coast of Australia at any time.

The preservation of the world’s oceans is important to us. At K-ROV we are committed to doing our part in preserving the environment, while at the same time providing safe and economical solutions and a quality service to all our clients. 

Management Team

Ingmar Kofler


Ingmar is a highly experienced diver that holds an ADAS Part 3, 3.2u. Inspection qualification. He has well over 15 years of extensive hands-on subsea experience, mostly working on the East Coast of Australia and offshore in Europe on many different projects. In Europe he was exposed to ROV work and decided to retrain for this skill set. In 2007 Ingmar completed his degree in Marine Science and decided to top it off with a masters degree in environmental studies in 2010. Ingmar identified a need for a solution to create a hull cleaning service in Australia and then in 2016 he started K-ROV.  With 100s of hours of flying experience on the Hullwiper system and having rebuilt the system with his team from the ground up several times, Ingmar is now equipped to train up new pilots with his team to help service the ever-growing demand for hull cleaning in Australia thus creating more opportunities for Australians to enter the rapidly expanding ROV industry.

Matthew Heath

General Manager - Diving Division

Matthew is an accomplished and experienced offshore Australian accredited diver with over 25 years experience in the construction and commercial diving industries. Matthew has managed large and small scale marine and construction projects in Australia and abroad. His experience, common sense approach and practical solutions has seen him move into consulting roles for first tier marine companies over the past decade, from concept design to installation and maintenance. Matthew joined the K-ROV team in January 2022 as dive operations manager and general manager of the K-ROV Diving division with an added interest into furthering K-ROVs research and development in the ROV/Diving and Marine sectors. His many years of combined experience makes Matt a valuable member of our K-ROV team. 

ROV Team

Dave Duesbury

ROV Team

Dave has worked for several years in remote locations all around the world, including Russia. Dave brings a wealth of experience in electronics to ensure the system stays powered. He is constantly improving on the overseas system to ensure compliance with Australian safety standards, developing pms systems and passing on his knowledge to trainee pilots.

Cris Reynaldo

ROV Team

Cris was part of the original Hullwiper crew that saw the system launch in Dubai in the early 2010s and has since then he has tallied up 100s of flying hours on the system and has in depth understanding off all the mechanical and hydraulic aspects of the system. Being an experienced pilot, his knowledge is invaluable to KROVs ability to train up new Pilots from the Australian labour pool.

Bo Lloyd

ROV Team

Bo spent most of his life running fishing vessels all along the Australian east coast and always makes sure the marine aspect of all operations are well in hand. He is now being trained to be a pilot on the Hullwiper system. His vast knowledge about operations at sea especially in more remote waters have helped further improve the safety standards for KROVs offshore operations.


ROV Services Australia

With over 25 years of experience in commercial diving and marine science, ROV Services Australia provides fast and affordable ROV inspections across various maritime sectors. From ships, wharf, jetty, and pipeline inspections to dams, biosecurity, and marine heritage, our skilled ROV operatives have all the experience and knowledge to get the answers you need safely, efficiently, and without the cost of an occupational dive team. You can rely on ROV Services Australia to provide quality inspection services with specialist skills, comprehensive reporting, and high-definition and 4K imagery. We are based in Adelaide and servicing locations Australia-wide.

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