Our Capabilites



  • Operates 24/7
  • Filters fouling onboard ie biosecurity compliant for hull grooming alongside
  • Full recording of operation on video
  • Cleaning with water blasters that can be pressure adjusted to cater to different paint types – hence does not damage paint coating unlike brush system
  • Can clean 95% of submerged surfaces of a vessel
  • Vessel of approximately 180mLOA can be cleaned in 10-16hrs

Chasing M2

  • Light weight / suitcase UWI drone
  • Can be deployed of any vessel/platform with ease
  • Allows for up to 4k stills photography and video
  • Minimal crewing requirements
  • Complete free flying system with depth and current stabilisation technology to ensure clear pictures are taken


  • Underwater Video and Photo Inspection and reporting
  • Marine Asset integrity
     – Cathodic Protection
     – Anode Installation 
     – Protective pile wrapping
     – Anti-corrosion solutions
     – Design, engineering & installation
  • Underwater Welding
  • Contaminated diving
  • Pipeline installations, Inspection & maintenance
  • Free span Correction
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Scientific Diving
  • Salvage & Demolition
  • Underwater Construction

What We Offer

Our K-ROV teams understand that our clients are on a schedule and strive to ensure the job will be completed thoroughly, on budget and in the safest possible way. Whilst schedules are important, the health and safety of our crew as well as our clients crew are always paramount. As a result of these standards to which we operate we have not had single customer who has not received the service we quoted. This means a reliable service for our customers when it comes to reducing their fuel bills as well as complying with the Biosecurity guidelines of their next port of call.

Both our Dive team and ROV team are highly experienced and offer a diverse range of skill sets and industry knowledge and many years of combined subsea experience.

All K-ROV operations are conducted in accordance with Australian and IMCA standards.

Reliable and On Time
Satisfied Customers
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