Hull Cleaning

Using the Hullwiper ROV, we are able to provide a safe, environmentally friendly and time efficient way to clean your hull and minimize your fuel costs whilst continuing cargo operations. Day or night and in almost any weather conditions, this is the way to clean a vessel that has a schedule.

Hull Inspection

Depending on the scope this can be achieved using divers or the ROV to ensure all areas of interest are covered. In some cases, this can lead to a discounted hull clean.

Diver Intervention

With the help of our dive team at KW Dive we are able to offer any services that might need to take place whilst your vessel is alongside. From UWILDS, to prop clearing, sea chests blanking or even hot works.

All work undertaken in accordance with ASNZ 2299.1

Diver niche cleans

If the workscope requires, we can dispatch our team to undertake cleans of your niche areas In full compliance with state and federal Biosecurity laws and regulations prior to its onward journey or arrival into an Australian port.

All work undertaken in accordance with ASNZ 2299.1

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